Friday, August 1, 2014

Back to School Check List

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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

My Summer

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This summer has flashed by so fast.  The six weeks that I have been up at camp have flown by.  Beautiful artwork is created every day at the serene Ravitz Art Center and I am blown away.  All the while I am completing spring and summer semester courses for school.  My course is on internet technology and there are a few fun resources that I want to share.

This is a video that I made using the site animoto.  You can add still images, text and music to create free 30 second videos (more time can be purchased). 
I also had to create a weebly about myself that I will share soon.
What about yourself would you share when it is business related?

Monday, June 30, 2014

Love this product!!

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I only want safe and natural cleaning products to use around my children.  I found a really great product that is sold at Walgreens and tried their tree-free kleenex! 

 How great is it that they use bamboo and sugar cane instead of trees.  Much less resource waist and more easily renewable than trees.  The paper is not super soft, but I would rather make mother earth happy then use something that is harmful to our world.  

For camp we also tried the All-Purpose cleaner to use in our cabin that Ology sent to us to try out.  It works great, smells wonderful, and you don't have to worry about harsh chemicals!

They also sell personal care products for children and adults 

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Getting to know Mini

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Baby Bear went with my parents to visit her cousin.  Mini had 100% of the attention both Mr. BBH and I.  She is always really funny and likes to make us laugh but when she is alone with us, she really talks up a storm.  We don't always know what she is saying, but you can usually tell by what she is doing and I make sure to make her feel that I understand what she says.  The weird thing is, she doesn't call Baby Bear anything.  She just started calling me "ma-ma" eventhough I am Ema (Hebrew).  

Here is my silly girl with a chocolate face. So glad that she like the dark chocolate!

Monday, June 9, 2014

Raising a Bilingual Child~Hebrew Speaking Toys

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I found this amazing store that has toys, books, games and DVDs in Hebrew that ships to the US.  

It is really expensive for my inlaws to send toys and books and I have been trying to find a store like this since Baby Bear was little.  We got this really cool Taltol doll to try from Pashoshim.  

It is so important that children have all different kinds of language interactions.  Using a doll to teach Hebrew interactive skills helps with speech patterns and sound formation.  

With all of the different languages spoken around them, it helps them to interact with their doll in Hebrew.

Mini and Baby Bear fought over whose doll that i was they loved it so much.  There are setting for day and night on the back.  The Taltol doll talks and sings when you hold her hands, tap her feet, or touch the star on her chest. 

Mini had so much fun pressing the start button since it lights up in the dark room.  She speaks Hebrew and you could see the girls face light up when they recognized that it spoke the same language as them.  They often switch to English, but since the doll speaks Hebrew, they speak Hebrew with the doll. 


Here is a video to show how Mini interacts with her doll. You can also see how to change the doll from day to night in the video. 

Go here to see all of the great Hebrew products.

PS.  we also love & own these books that are also available through Pashoshim! You can click on the images to go to their page.  


{these are NOT affiliate links, I just feel that education is so important, I want to give you these resources!}

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Shake-N-Bake Chicken Nuggets

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I posted before about my homemade chicken nuggets aka Shnitzel in this post here but it has a long process that is hard when I have a time crunch.  I decided to try to come up with an easier version since my girls like chicken nuggets, but I want them to eat the chicken with no fillers added. 

I got a huge package of chicken breasts at costco.  We always get the large packs and cut them up to put in the freezer in smaller packages that we make using freezer paper. If I make just the cooked chicken, the girls will not eat as much as if I make them into schnitzels.  

2 ziplock bags
Skinless and Boneless Chicken Breast or other pieces cut without the bone
6 eggs
2 cups flour {or gluten free flour}
3-4 cups bread crumbs {or I like to use Matzo Meal + Osem Chicken Consumme + parsley flakes + garlic powder}
Spray Olive Oil 

Cut up your chicken into bite size pieces.  Then put your flour in a ziplock bag with your chicken and shake until all the pieces are well covered.  In the 2nd bag add the eggs and shake them before you add the chicken.  Put the colander in the sink or over the garbage and dump out your chicken-flour bag into it.  You will want to shake them off so that there is not a lot of excess flour.  In the bag where the flour was you can add your bread crumbs. 

Next, place the pieces in your egg mix and shake until well covered.  Transfer the gooey contents into the bread crumb bag a few at a time and shake.  You will do this until all of the pieces are in the bread crumb bag.  After everything is well coated, dump them out into the colander.  

Lastly, you will spray with olive oil spray and cook them on parchment paper.  

Heat the oven to 400 and cook for 20 minutes. 


Friday, May 30, 2014

DIY Father's Day Painted Canvas with Photo Frame

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Men are always so hard to buy gifts for. While some Fathers may be OK with a tie, Mr. BBH doesn't want any gifts.  Handmade gift are alway accepted in our family though. I painted a tie for my dad when I was little and he still has {it in the back of his closet}.  One year for my Grandpa (z"l), I painted the name of all the grandchildren on a pair of shoes for my and he actually wore it for years.   

I found these really cute Create-A-Canvas with a photo frame at Michaels, and knew that I had a really fun gift for Mr. BBH.  

4x6 Shutterfly Photo Print ($.15 order online & pick up at Target)

You can leave the entire photo inside.  There is a film on the plastic insert that you can peel off before inserting your own photo.  It is much sturdier if you leave in ON while painting (we did not and it was flimsy). 

For me, the hardest part of the project is letting your kids be creative and do whatever they want on the canvas alone.  Baby Bear started out very colorful then made a blue mess.  

I let the canvas dry and had her add a 2nd layer.  You could also add a masking tape design or a vinyl sticker with a saying or name to peel off later.  

Have your kids sign and date the painting and insert your photos! 

What are you crafting for Father's Day?
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